Polero ICE Advisers, L.L.C.

Personal Financial Advisory and Planning Services

Welcome to Polero ICE Advisers L.L.C.

It is common to feel stressed when it comes to making financial decisions. We have advice coming at us from so many directions, and dozens of financial firms trying to convince us to buy their products and services. Deciding what is best for us can be a bit overwhelming.

Polero ICE Advisers was started to provide you with an alternative.

The Firm is completely independent, and has no affiliation with any service or product provider. All compensation is fee-based and is only received directly from clients, in order to minimize any conflicts of interest between the Adviser and client. You can be assured that the Adviser will act with the highest integrity and serve as your fiduciary in all dealings.

The Firm provides personalized, down-to-earth guidance on a wide range of financial topics, taking a holistic approach. The Adviser helps you to organize your financial life. Your personal goals, risk tolerance, current balance sheet, family situation, health and age are all critical factors that are considered. Whether you request a comprehensive financial plan or advice in only a specific area, you can be certain that you will not get a pre-packaged, one-size-fits-all solution.

The Adviser's goal is to provide experience, expertise and honest advice, and give clients the peace of mind of knowing they are in competent and caring hands.


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