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Personal Financial Advisory and Planning Services

Services Provided

Investment Rationale

Superior investment results are achieved from holding a well-diversified portfolio, and making adjustments in a disciplined and unemotional manner. It is critical that the cost of investing be minimized, by avoiding high management fees, commissions, excessive trading costs and numerous other charges that are often hard to detect.

Our Investment Process:

  1. Determine the Asset Allocation for Each Client
    Consideration is given to the individualʼs age, retirement plans, risk tolerance, goals and objectives when deciding how to allocate investment funds between equities, fixed income, short-term cash equivalents, and possibly other asset classes, such as real estate and commodities.

  2. Invest the Equity Allocation
    Clients are provided with a well-diversified exposure to equities through low-cost, exchange-traded index funds and mutual funds. Trades are executed in the clientʼs personal discount brokerage account, without the Investment Adviser taking custody.

    Adjustments to the equity portfolio are made either on a periodic basis or when the allocations deviate significantly from the target.

  3. Choose Fixed Income Investments
    The prevailing level of short-term, medium-term and long-term interest rates are considered when deciding how to invest the fixed income portion of the clientʼs portfolio.

  4. Decide Appropriate Vehicle for Liquidity

  5. Review, Adjust and Report
    On a regular basis, the Adviser meets with clients to review the status of their accounts. Between meetings, clients are encouraged to view their accounts online through their brokerage websites, and to contact the Adviser with any questions.

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